Good Games & Bad Games

by kkatykat31

Some great games to teach your dog, your the leader, in a fun easy way!


Last week my post was about playing tug with your dog.  This handout, courtesy of CAROL A. BYRNES “DIAMONDS IN THE RUFF” Training for Dogs & Their People, covers tug and more.

Please note: I don’t like the use of the terms “pack leader” or the “run for higher office”, but I agree with the concept that playing the “Good Games” is a great way to bond with your dog and to teach him impulse control while exercising his mind and body.  Playing with your dog is great – if you play the games the right way!

Good Games & Bad Games
fezplay Photo of “Fez” courtesy of LeeAnn Heringer

“Control the games, control the dog,” says British behaviorist John Rogerson.

Games can be a fun way to teach leadership and control.

Bad game: “Catch me if you can”                    You stomp, he runs – or worse, dog grabs something and you try to catch him…

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